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Daddy's lttle Empress....

As I have alredy said, Anita made her debut as Empress in Young Justice #19. But, as revealed in #25, Anita Fite actually appeared in #16. I fyou couldn't spot her, look again, she's standing at the front of the crowd on page 17 panel 3. She's easily recognisable by the fact that she's the only detailed member of the group watching Cissie.

Empress was first encountered by Wonder Girl. In the run-up to Sins Of Youth, Cassie was knocked unconscious in a wood. In a dreamy state, having visions of Wonder Woman, her mum, and Cissie, Wonder Girl looked up to see Arrowette standing over her, only to be replaced by Empress. Then she was gone. It was this first appearance that lead to public opinion that Empress could be Cissie is a new identity, but it was too obvious.

In her first encounter with Robin, Empress displayed telekentetic powers, forcing Robin to stop in his tracks, unable to move. As far as I know, these powers haven't been fully explored yet in Young Justice, but living in England I am a little behind with the world of comics (only a month or so, but sometimes it makes a big difference)

A pattern soon began to emerge in Empress's appearances. She would appear from nowhere, save the day, then dissapear again, until Young Justice visited the Australia Games.....

It was first hinted that Anita could be Empress in #23. She and her father were also visiting the Australia Games, and ended up sitting next to Young Justice. Cassie was surprised when Anita snapped at her, and then realised she seemed familliar...

"Uhm...Pardon my asking...but have we?"
"No. We've never met before"

Anita'ssecret is again hinted at next issue, when it turns out that Empress also happens to be in Australia, appearing at the very moment YJ needed help. Then suddenly, the JLA appear and are gone again, could this be one of Emp[ress' mind tricks?

Her true identity is finally revealed in #25, the concluding chapter of the Australia games storyline.

Agent Fite continuously refers to his daughter as Empress, and when questioned, said it was her nickname.

"You call your daughter Empress Agent Fite?"

"Yep. That was the nickname her mother gave Anita
when she was small, because she was so bossy,
issueing 'royal commands' and such. And it stuck.
My little Empress"

This didn't have to give it away, except for the fact that Anita then dissolved into embarrasment and threatened to kill her father. After the intitial shock, Anita reavealed that she was a big fan of Young Justice (actually she said the other way round, but that's what she meant)So then she goes with the team to their hideaway, then accompanies them into space as a new member.

Continued soon

At a Glance

First Appearance: Young Justice #16
Family History: Father is an agent of A.P.E.S
First Professional Role: Empress
Astrological Sign: No idea